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Priddy Minery, Priddy

St. Cuthbert's Swallet is undoubtedly the most complex cave system on Mendip and ranks second in length to Swildon's Hole. The cave consists of a steeply descending entrance section which carries the main stream beneath a multi-level network of passages, chambers and boulder ruckles.

At a depth of 105m, the system simplifies to become a single, gently sloping passage carrying the main stream, now augmented by several small inlets, to a final sump. The cave offers a great variety of sporting and aesthetic aspects: numerous pitches (wet and dry), free-climbs, traverses, boulder buckles and squeezes, which are combined with spectacular cave scenery and a wide variety of calcite formations including flowstone cascades, curtains, cave pearls and helictites, all preserved in virtually pristine condition. The stream has been MKHP spore-tested to Wookey Hole, about 3km to the south.

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Co-ordinates 51.25182, -2.65648
Length 6700m (Vertical range 145m)
Leader Leader System

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Bristol Exploration Club Hut

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