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Fairy Cave Quarry, Stoke St.Michael

Shatter Cave is one of the most beautifully decorated caves on Mendip.

Its complex of interlinked chambers and grottoes offer a profusion of stalactite, stalagmite and helictite forms, most of which have so far escaped the desecration so common in many caves. It is a photographers paradise.

NOTE: Marker tapes have been placed throughout the cave to protect the many vulnerable areas of calcite and all visitors are requested to exercise GREAT CARE to neither touch nor damage formations.

Mendip Underground 5, P310, © MCRA 2016

Co-ordinates 51.22592, -2.49229
Length 1250m (Vertical range 30m)
Leader Leader System

Postcode (nearest)

(Nearest pub Knatchbull Arms)

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