Higher Pitts, Priddy

This is undoubtedly the most heavily engineered dig site in the country, and as a testament to the ingenuity and dedication of the cave digger's art it really takes some beating.

The cave consists of an impressive vertical shaft, Noah's Fault, festooned with fixed steel ladders and gantries, with a second shaft reached from a side passage partway down. On the surface sits a powered winch which pulls up a massive skip from the depths on steel slides. Water ponds up in the lower reaches and a pumping system has been installed to clear it. The shaft is being sunk in the hope of intercepting the streamway linking the Priddy swallets with Wookey Hole some 150m below.

Mendip Underground 5, P395, © MCRA 2016

Please respect the access restrictions. Check the CSCC link for the latest.

Co-ordinates 51.24198, -2.66379
Length 100m (Vertical range 76m)
Leader Leader Lead

Postcode (nearest)

Higher Pitts Farm, Priddy

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{mosmap labeltext='C'|width='100%'|height='400'|lat='51.24198'|lon='-2.66379'| zoom='15'|text='Templeton Pot'}



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