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Eastwater, Priddy

Eastwater Cavern has often been described as a true 'caver’s cave', and as an introduction to the typically steeply inclined passages of Mendip, it is hard to beat.

A descent through boulders yields a series of low 45 - 60º inclined bedding planes and deep shafts, resulting in a very limited amount of walking passage and few chambers of note. The caving is relatively arduous and sporting in nature, and with few formations to be seen, an awe-inspiring gloom adds an oppressive element to the fun. The remote lower passages are rightly regarded as being among the hardest on Mendip. The stream resurges at Wookey Hole nearly 4km to the south and 180m below the cave entrance.

Three classic round trips are possible:

  1. The Upper Series Round Trip, via the Upper Traverse, Primrose Path and Hallelujah Hole, the Lower Traverse, the Rift Chambers, the Canyon and Baker's Chimney Bypass, and returning either via the Upper Traverse or Kentish's Cairn.
  2. The 13 Pots - Twin Verticals Exchange, via the Upper Traverse, the Canyon, Dolphin Pot, the Bold Step, the 13 Pots and returning to the Canyon via the Muddy Oxbow and Twin Verticals.
  3. The South bank Round Trip.
    An exceedingly arduous trip which should only be attempted by very experienced cavers, It leaves the boulder buckle via the dangerous Boulder Chamber and passes along the Canyon, Dolphin Pot and Ifold's Series en route to the West End Series and Southbank. The return trip is no less demanding and requires a difficult ascent via Lambeth Walk and The Technical Masterpiece to regain the entrance series at the end of the 380ft Way.
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Co-ordinates 51.25285, -2.66256
Length 3510m (Vertical range 152m)
Leader Self-Guided


(Wessex Club Hut)

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